Join Us February 18-20, 2020
Learn the power, impact, and freedom of a Virtual Speaking Business, from the man that pivoted from Live in-person traditional speaking... To a Virtual Speaking Business in 2017, and practically re-invented the speaking industry single handedly, having now generated over $13 Million dollars for his clients... Far surpassing any results they created from both free or paid speaking in-person gigs, than ever before.
  Creating A World Class Personal Brand. How to create excitement, engagement, and a tribe of raving fans who line up to buy your products, come to your events, and have their lives transformed... because of your world class personal speaker brand!
 The 3 Foundational Pillars of A Top Paid Virtual Speaking Business. I'm going to give you the secret sauce right here! I'm going to hand over the simple but powerful template to reaching 6, and eventually 7, figures getting paid as a virtual speaker.
 Turn Your Mess Into Your Message: Becoming a Top Paid Speaker means you HAVE to be able to create transformation in your audience. The BEST way to do that is through storytelling and vulnerability. In this session we're going to develop your brand story and signature talk. This is your bread and butter. 
 Storyselling and Advanced Influence/Persuasion strategies that sell a lot of anyting. Becoming a Top Paid Speaker comes down to ONE thing... results. Does what you teach get results for your clients? If it does... then this session is going to make you very very rich as a virtual speaker.
 How To Structure The Perfect Presentation That Sells Without Selling. Learn ways to leverage storytelling and NLP (neurolinguistic programming) to create rockstar presentations that will help you accomplish any objective!
 Creating Your Irresistible (Scalable) High-End Offer. The KEY to becoming a Top Paid Speaker in the virtual space is to have an irresistible offer that your audience begs you for. And that's EXACTLY what we'll develop together here.
 Profitable Social Media Marketing In 2021: Social media seems to keep changing so fast and getting so complicated. Not only that... with SO many options, who can keep up with where you should be posting, how often, and what kind of content? In this session, I'm going to share all of my social media secrets to grow your brand, increase your impact, and make you a Top Paid Speaker.
 The Highest Paying Stages In 2021: I'm not going to make you the most effective and skilled speaker in the world and then NOT tell you where the money is at! In this session, I'm going to teach you how to 'secure the bag' and get big bucks for your life changing story and solution.
"This event is like... the ULTIMATE mastermind group for Virtual Speakers and Podcasters!! For real."
- Brian W
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Marshal LIVE
Marshal started Top Paid Speaker 3 years ago in a cramped bedroom he was renting in a rundown beach house in San Diego CA from a busted iPhone.

Over the next four years he's built that brand into a premiere online brand that's allowed him to work with, or share the stage with, some of the biggest names in the industry like...

Les Brown, Russell Brunson, Tai Lopez, Cole Hatter, Eric Thomas, Grant Cardone, Lewis Howes, Gary Vaynerchuk, Billy Gene Is Marketing, Gerard Adams, and soooo many more. 

He has been able to leverage those relationships and opportunities in the virtual event and speaking space to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for himself, as well as more than $13M for his clients.

He's used this experienced with top speakers and influencers to craft and truly hone in on what makes the BEST and HIGHEST PAID virtual speakers in the business, able to serve their communities at the highest level.

It's ALL about... serve first, sell later.

This mindset has helped speakers double, triple and even quadruple their speaker income, and in doing so, created many 6-figure pay days that happen over, and over again.
Tucker Bearden
Growing up deep in Arkansas as a young boy with Aspergers... to say that Tucker dealt with bullying and being terrorized would be a massive understatement.

Imagine a gang of kids chasing your child through the woods, terrified, shooting off fireworks at him, that could have ended his young life right from the beginning. And that's just one of the stories that make up his life.

Despite all odds, Tucker has now become one of the MOST dynamic up and coming Inspirational Speakers in the nation! A  certified Zig Ziglar Legacy Speaker, Author, NLP Master, Sales Psychology Expert, and Leading Aspergers Advocate!

Tucker Bearden is on a mission to inspire generational change, on a global scale, by being living proof that a diagnosis does not define who you are, or what you are capable of achieving in this world.
During Our Time Together We'll Focus on...

We'll hit the ground running on Day 1 with Storytelling. This is the day to truly uncover and empower your real life true story, and how you can use it to be able to deliver an impactful, life transforming message to your audience... every time you speak. At the end of Day 1... you'll have your brand story and your signature talk.


On Day 2, we getting down to brass tacks! I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to 'secure the bag' and make your first 6 or 7 figures, getting paid to speak virtually, or even in-person. After Day 2, you'll be ready to become a Top Paid Speaker!


We bring it all home on Day 3. At this point you will have a world class personal brand built around your story, an irresistible offer you can scale to the moon, and the skills to sell it at a world class level. On this last day, we'll be covering the top paying stages in 2021... and exactly how you can get on them! We'll be celebrating your success, and celebrating those who take the next step!

Join us at The Virtual Event on launching a $100k Virtual Speaking Business February 18-20, 2021 and we'll teach your how to leverage virtual speaking and events in your business to help boost your efforts towards that 6 or 7-figure payday! You don't need go anywhere for access to this 3-Day Business Mastery Event... it can all be done from a laptop in your own living room! We'll see you there!
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