Yes, I Want A Lot of Marshal's Help...NOW!

This is PERFECT For You If...

 If you want to learn public speaking and monetizing events from the world's fastest growing speaker coach and award-winning event consultant who's generated more than $125,000,000 in results for his clients since 2017.

 You need some guidance on finding your voice, clarifying your message, and learning how to tell it in a way that inspires and influences people

  You have the burning desire to Grow Your Influence, Impact, and Revenue thru public speaking and events (online and/or offline)

 You’d like to have me in your corner using “MY Persuasive Stroyselling Mind”
 Thinking, Creating & Working for You &…Figuring Out
 Your Speech, Your Presentations, Your Frames, Your Offer, AND Your Events for You!

 You’d like to spend the weekend with me, 
helping you with any aspect of stroytelling, presenting, monetizing a message, creating your own economy thru evetns, or becoming a person of influence and authority in your niche

 You have a proven offer/business doing at least 7-figures a year; and ideally a team to help you implement

Here's what you get...

 Private, LIVE In-Person, One-On-One, 2-Day Coaching Session with Marshal, 5-Hours Each Day ($50,000 Value)

 Million Dollar Presentation DONE-FOR-YOU ($10,000 Value)

 Million Dollar Offer Creation DONE-FOR-YOU ($10,000 Value)

 Million Dollar Event System DONE-FOR-YOU ($10,000 Value)

 Million Dollar Virtual Event Funnel + Emails DONE-FOR-YOU ($10,000 Value)

 Million Dollar In-Person Event Funnel + Emails DONE-FOR-YOU ($10,000 Value)

 Million Dollar Social Media Content Strategy DONE-FOR-YOU ($10,000 Value)

 Million Dollar Podcast Launch DONE-FOR-YOU ($10,000 Value)

 Million Dollar Personal Branding DONE-FOR-YOU ($10,000 Value)

  Access to Three Private, 3-day, LIVE Bootcamps in Montana ($45,000 Value)

 90 Days of On-Going Support & Consulting ($15,000 value)

 Three (3) Private, One-On-One 45-Minute Pre-Scheduled Coaching Calls with Marshal within that 90 Days ($3,000 Value)

 Three (3) Emergency Calls ($3,000 Value)

  Plus, HUGE Added Bonus: Shadow Marshal at one of his events so he can give you real time coaching, and help you NAIL your next event, speech or presentation (Value $25,000) Note: this is worth the entire investment!

Total Value: $221,000

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