Join The Most Powerful Mastermind On The Planet For Business Owners Who Want To Grow Their Impact, Income, and Influence FAST Thru Speaking & Events!
Join The Most Powerful Mastermind On The Planet For Business Owners Who Want To Grow Their Impact, Income, and Influence FAST Thru Speaking & Events!
Marshal Gillen's Top Paid Speaker Inner Circle is a 12-month partnership...

That helps our clients scale their current or new business to $1M (or more) in 12 months (or less) thru 3 phases: building credibility, scaling credibility, and leveraging credibility...

You'll learn how to get high-ticket clients on repeat — without you chasing them — and with predictability, high ROI, and a shockingly simple business model.

In Marshal's Top Paid Speaker Inner Circle, you will network, connect, and learn from likeminded individuals...

While Marshal's wizard of a branding, marketing, and storytelling brain think for you, work for you, and create for you and your business...


Several Coaching Members have been in Marshal's Top Paid Speaker Inner Circle for multiple years! (That is unheard of in any other program!) 
Unlike most marketing and branding "gurus" and self-proclaimed "experts"...

What separates Marshal from all others is Marshal has actually done (and STILL does) what he teaches and shares with his private clients. No theory! No guesswork! Only true, real-world strategies with one focus: PROVEN RESULTS, FAST! 
Who it's for
Marshal Gillen's Top Paid Speaker Inner Circle is for you if you’re an expert at something, have clients with results, have a strong desire to share your story, and an existing business making at least $5,000 per month.

If this is you, you’re probably struggling with: Taking on more clients, sales are stuck at $5k-$20k per month, don't know how to close high-ticket offers consistently, can't figure out how to stand out above the noise, finding time for family, getting clients to pay what you're worth, shareing your story and making it somehow tie into your business.

You want to scale FAST, make more money, have more freedom, reach more people, and build a legacy.
What the Top Paid Speaker Inner Circle will help you achieve:
Marshal Gillen's Top Paid Speaker Inner Circle will help you achieve in 12 Months:
 Generate $100,000 (or more) in the first 90 days (or less)
 Scale your expert business to $1M (or more) in the next 12 months (or less)
 Become the absolute authority in your niche
 Create a world-class and in-demand speaking brand
 Master your message by learning how to share your unique story
 Create your signautre talk to get you booked and paid again and again and again
 Create a "GRAND SLAM" high-ticket offer ($10,000+) your market needs desperately.
 Book your first 5+ speaking gigs organically, without ads 
 Host your own 6 or 7 figure events, seminars, bootcamps, and retreats (in 12 months or less)
 Get your first 10 paying clients organically, without ads, and make $100K (or more) ROI in your first 90 days (or less).
 Convert audiences into paying clients with a sales conversion rate of 30%+.
 Build an automated client acquisition system that converts audiences into clients in 7 days or less
 Run your entire business by the numbers, so it’s predictable, consistent, and highly profitable.
What members are saying
Here's what you get:
Marshal Gillen's Top Paid Speaker Inner Circle gives you everything you need to achieve these results:
 VIP Day: Private, In-Person, One-On-One, 5-Hour Premium Branding Session with Marshal ($25,000 value)
 1-On-1 Coaching: Five (5) Private, One-On-One 45--Minute Pre-Scheduled Coaching Calls with Marshal ($10,000 value)
 Mastermind Calls: 12 months of weekly 60-minute group calls w/ Marshal so you can ask questions and get answers. ($15,000 value)
 Traininig Program: 12-Week "Million Dollar Brands" video training program with step-by-step instructions ($5,000 value)
 Tools: Get all the systems, software, & "swipe funnels" needed to build, optimize, and automate all business systems ($5,000 value)
 Community: Top Paid Brands private app where you can meet, collab, netowrk, and book stages ($2,500 value)
 Accountability: Get an accountability partner who will hold you to your word daily. ($1,000 value)
 Support: Get daily text support from Marshal via the app or chat with our highly skilled coaches. ($1,000 value)
 BONUS #1: Write a chapter in Marshal's new upcoming book "Your Mess Is Your Message" to promote you globally ($5,000 value)
 BONUS #2: Get Booked To Speak on Stage And Compete at Impact Speaker Awards ($10,000 value)
 BONUS #3: Three Private, 2-day, LIVE In-Person Masterminds with Marshal ($15,000 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $94,500

What's the investment?
This mentorship program and partnership is $25,000 for the year - and comes with a GUARANTEE to earn you $100,000 or more, in 12 months or less, or Marshal will work with you until you do. - You literally CAN. NOT. FAIL.

Our clients have earned over $124,000,000 and counting since 2018.

It's time for YOU to become our next millionaire speaker!

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Marshal LIVE As Featured On
Cole Hatter: Founder of Thrive: Make Money Matter
"Marshal is about heart... super proud of you and your growth, and the amount of contribution behind the scenes that you're not recognized for, as well as what you're publicly recognized for by your peers. Marshal's whole life exists around you helping you tell your story better"
James Malinchak: ABCs Hit Show 'Secret Millionaire
"If you want transformation for your life, then you have to work with my friend Marshal."
Gerard Adams: Creator of Leader Create Leaders
"Marshal you're without a doubt one of the most POWERFUL storytellers I have ever seen in my life"
Caleb Maddix: Creator of Apex For Kids
"I 100% recommend and endorse Marshal Gillen. He really cares about people!"