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How to make $10k-$100k a month in the next 90 days or less in your coaching or consulting business, with the power of public speaking and events (even if you've never done it)
How to build a Million Dollar Speaking Business in the next 6 months, without being famous or having a large following (and even if you're brand new, and even if you've never done it)
How to build a Million Dollar Speaking Business in the next 6 months, without being famous or having a large following (and even if you're brand new, and even if you've never done it)
Top Paid Speaker Elite is a 6-month mastermind program + 1-on-1 coaching with Marshal...

That teaches business owners how to scale their current or new business to $10,000-$100,000 a month in 3 phases over 6 months: building credibility, scaling credibility, and leveraging credibility...

Thru hosting a virtual event, hosting an in-person event, and then by booking stages...

Always getting you high-ticket clients on repeatwithout you chasing them — and with predictability, high ROI, and an incredibly simple process
Who it's for
Top Paid Speaker Elite is for you if you’re a speaker, coach, consultant, course creator, marketer, or expert with an existing business making at least $5,000 /month. 

You should be an expert at something and have clients with results, and have the strong desire to be a public speaker, tell your story to save live, and host your own events.

If this is you, you’re probably struggling with: Booking speaking gigs consistently, selling a high-ticket offers from "stage", getting clients to pay what you're worth, how to host your own 6 and 7 figure events, and getting over the hump to your first $100,000-$1,000,000 by leveraging the power of your story and events
What Elite will help you achieve:
Top Paid Speaker Elite will help you achieve in 6 Months:
 Scale your income to $10,000 to $100,000 (or more) a month in the next6 months (or less)
 Create a world-class and in-demand speaking brand
 Master your message by learning how to share your unique story
 Create your signautre talk to get you booked and paid again and again and again
 Create a differentiated high-ticket ($5,000+) offer your market needs desperately.
 Book your first 5 gigs organically, without ads (ROI in your first 30 days).
 Host your own 6-figure events, seminars, bootcamps, and retreats (in 12 months or less)
 Get your first 10 paying clients organically, without ads (ROI in your first 90 days or less).
 Convert audiences into paying clients with a sales conversion rate of 30%+.
 Build an automated client acquisition system that converts audiences into clients in 7 days or less
 Run your entire business by the numbers, so it’s predictable, consistent, and highly profitable.
What members are saying
Here's what you get:
Top Paid Speaker Elite gives you everything you need to achieve these results:
 Content: 90-day video training program with step-by-step instructions (no detail is missed).
 Coaching: 90-Days of 1-hour weekly 1:1 coaching/implementation video call with Marshal so you can ask questions and get answers. (12 total)
 Mastermind Calls: 6 Months of 1-hour weekly group video calls with Marshal so you can ask questions and get answers. (24 total)
 Tools: Get all the systems, software, & "swipe funnels" needed to build, optimize, and automate all business systems (plug & play)
 Community: Top Paid Speaker private app where you can meet, collab, netowrk, and book stages
 Accountability: Get an accountability partner who will hold you to your word daily.
 Support: Get daily text support from Marshal via the app or chat with our highly skilled coaches.
 BONUS #1: Write your own chapter in Marshal's new upcoming book "Your Mess Is Your Message" to promote you globally
 BONUS #2: Speak at Top Paid Speaker Conference in Orlando this fall (300-400 attendees)
 BONUS #3: Every Elite member gets a 4-day retreat to Cabo, Mexico in November with the other members
How to get started
If you’re an expert with an existing business making at least $5,000 /month and you’re have the desire to get paid to speak, travel the world, book stages, sell high-ticket offers, getting clients on-demand - all while changing and saving lives with your story...

Then either...

Click the green button below to get started, or schedule a call using the calendar below... and Marshal will be happy to meet with you on Zoom to see if Top Paid Speaker Elite is a good fit, and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions, email or text Marshal directly at 406-510-2474
What's the investment?
This program is $10,000 (paid in full) or $2,000 a month for 6 months - and comes with a GUARANTEE to earn you $100,000 or more, in 6 months or less, or Marshal will work with you until you do. - You literally CAN. NOT. FAIL.

Out clients have earned over $124MM and counting since 2018.

It's time for YOU to become our next millionaire speaker!

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Cole Hatter: Founder of Thrive: Make Money Matter
"Marshal is about heart... super proud of you and your growth, and the amount of contribution behind the scenes that you're not recognized for, as well as what you're publicly recognized for by your peers. Marshal's whole life exists around you helping you tell your story better"
James Malinchak: ABCs Hit Show 'Secret Millionaire
"If you want transformation for your life, then you have to work with my friend Marshal."
Gerard Adams: Creator of Leader Create Leaders
"Marshal you're without a doubt one of the most POWERFUL storytellers I have ever seen in my life"
Caleb Maddix: Creator of Apex For Kids
"I 100% recommend and endorse Marshal Gillen. He really cares about people!"